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TCJ Push-Pull Calculator
TCJ Push-Pull Calculator has but a single purpose: to evaluate tube-based output stages by simulating eight topologies' (five OTL and three transformer-coupled) actual performance with a specified tube, power supply and bias voltage, and load impedance. The accuracy of the simulation depends on the accuracy of the tube models used and the tube math model is the same True Curves™ model used in GlassWare's SE Amp CAD and Live Curves programs, which is far more accurate than the usual SPICE tube model. More details...

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TCJ My Stock Database
TCJ My-Stock DB helps you know just what you have, what it looks like, where it is, what it is going to be used for, what it is worth, and even what it does. (The program will search the net for answers.) With preformatted data entry, data filtering, 16 pre-defined parts categories (you can add any number of user-defined categories), pie charts and bar graphs, and reports that concisely summarize your collection, TCJ My-Stock DB helps you to keep track of your heap of electronic parts. Adding parts and devices to your part collection is easy. When a diode, IC, transistor, or vacuum tube's name is entered, TCJ My-Stock DB looks up its manufacturer, sub-grouping, package style, and price from a lookup table. More Details...

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TCJ Filter Designer
This TCJ Filter Designer lets you design a filter or crossover (passive, solid-state or tube) without having to check out thick textbooks from the library and without having to breakout the scientific calculator. While the program’s main concern is active filters, solid-state and tube, it also does passive filters. In fact, it can be used to calculate passive crossovers for use with speakers. More Details...

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Tube CAD
Tube CAD helps you design of tube audio gear by doing the hard math. This program covers 13 types of tube circuit topologies, each one divided into four variations: 52 circuits in all. The metaphor used is that of a notebook with 13 pages—one for each circuit topologies. Clicking on the tabs at the bottom of the program brings up that circuit page. Tube CAD calculates the noteworthy results, such as gain, phase, output impedance, low frequency cutoff, PSRR, bias voltage, plate and load resistor heat dissipations, and needed power supply wattage capability. More Details...

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SE Amplifier CAD
SE Amp CAD™ is the Windows program that helps you design, understand and modify single-ended amplifier output stages. With SE Amp CAD, you can point and click to a new output stage configuration in minutes. SE Amp CAD is a virtual workbench for single-ended output stage design. True Curves™ is the name of the new mathematical model used in SE Amp CAD. True Curves knows how a 300B or an 845 really bends: how the plate current varies with changes in grid to cathode voltage versus changes in plate voltages. More Details...

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GlassWare Tube Manual
GlassWare Tube Manual is both user friendly and powerful. It's all here: plate curves, mu, rp, Gm, Vh, Ih, base and outline schematics, and essential characteristics for many of the tubes (only a small percentage of 11,000 tubes have a complete array of data). Powerful search and filtering tools give control over this tube manual's large library of tubes (11,000). Keep track of your own tube collection with your personal tube database. Like all GlassWare programs, GlassWare Tube Manual allows you to print the results. Hard copies of all the tubes in in this tube manual are a button click away. And tube substitutions are given for over 2000 tube types. More Details...

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Audio Gadgets
Audio Gadgets is software for the technically minded audiophile. The quickest way to understanding what Audio Gadgets is all about is to imagine a programmable calculator designed for the audio enthusiast. Well, that calculator exists in the form of this program, which is essential ten audio related programs in one:

Stepped Attenuators
Math Help
OP-Amp Circuits
Raw Power Supply Design
RC Filters: Active & Passive
Three-Pin Adjustable Regulators
RIAA Equalization
Loudspeaker Design Aids
Tube Circuits: 7 Topologies

More Details...

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